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Friday, November 7, 2008

New bottle shipment: 900 bottles crammed into my tiny car

I think if I bought one more case I would've needed a second trip.

Anyway, business can now officially resume now that I have all my bottles, or at least so I thought. Just as I was about to leave, a very nice employee reminded me that my bottle caps hadn't been shipped. Here I was, merrily leaving, planning my weekend of bottling, forgetting the simple fact that I had no caps. Now, whether or not you've ever bottled coffee before, I'm sure you can understand the importance of caps in any bottling business. I can only imagine the reactions I would get if I started delivering capless bottles to all of my customers. Fortunately the store had some extra bags of caps, which I promptly purchased and went on my way.

That's what this whole business thing has been about: making silly mistakes and trying to learn fast and not repeat them. Anyway, my weekend can now go as planned, and I will resume churning out bottles as normal.

P.S. I plan on posting a short "How it's made" video in the next few days, because I think people might get a kick out of seeing just what goes into each and every bottle of Luke's Brew. Keep checking back.

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